Verex 120-3602E


Main Panel NA enclosure with FEB & 230V transformer

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As the foundation of the Monitor XL security system, the Monitor XL Control Panel holds the entire user database and all system information and operates independently in non-volatile memory. The base Prime model supports 1,000 users, while the base Enterprise model supports 4,000 users, or up to 64,000 with additional memory. Each XL panel can be configured using either the Monitor XL LCD Keypad module or Director software. The LCD Keypad also functions as a complete configuration and diagnostics tool, allowing a technician to service and configure the control panel with no need to unplug other modules. All Monitor XL modules feature a unique identifier allowing placement of up to 24 modules of any type on the RS485 bus, or up to 60 Suite Security modules on one XL panel.

Weight 8.00 lbs
Dimensions 13.70 × 10.00 × 3.34 in

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Monitor XL Control Panel

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