Preventive, Predictive and Corrective Electrical Maintenance

What is Electrical Maintenance? 

Electrical maintenance is the practice of conservation of an electrical circuit and its equipment, converging, therefore, in the full functioning of the electrical installations of a building. And, for that, it is dedicated to preventing short circuits, blackouts and other interferences in the productivity of the places and risks to the integrity of the collaborators. 

Opting for routine maintenance on the premises, as most problems are identified at an early stage, avoids constant expenses with repairs. Thus, there are 3 stages, preventive, predictive and corrective, which consider the asset of the item under analysis, that is, its intensity of use and urgency of repair, combined with the cost of such practice. 

What is Preventive Maintenance? 

Preventive maintenance consists of the service scheduled and carried out at periodic intervals, these tasks being aimed at conserving and/or restoring the apparatus in question, thus preventing possible operating failures. This type of maintenance stands out for its importance in warning about risks and correcting them. 

In addition, it is worth noting that the criteria for its programming are the resources available to the practice, coordination regarding dismissals, in addition to the time of year and time most conducive to assistance. In summary, preventive maintenance is carried out before the problem appears, that is, its purpose is to avoid the occurrence of errors and failures that harm production; checking, for this, possible defects in the electrical systems of switches, equipment panels and circuit breakers. Therefore, it is recommended to practice it once a semester. 

What is predictive maintenance? 

Predictive maintenance is widely used in the industrial sector to monitor the operation of machinery in order to understand its behavior over time. In the same way that many computers or smartphones have software that can monitor the amount of energy being spent by the device and even propose energy saving solutions, predictive maintenance has the same function, but on a much larger scale. 

With predictive maintenance analysis, you can predict when electrical maintenance will need to be performed, as they are based on data and the behavior of each piece of equipment according to the manufacturer’s specifications. 

Predictive maintenance is important to increase the useful life of objects, reducing costs for the company, as it avoids frequent replacement of machines through parameters that measure the level of wear and efficiency. 

It is essential to always maintain your electrical network to avoid damage and ensure greater safety for all. 

What is Corrective Maintenance? 

Corrective maintenance is used as a last resort in the event of an item that is worn out or with poor functionality, thus making it necessary to change it in order to restore normal conditions for the devices, installations or works. 

Therefore, this operation is carried out when there are already failures that prevent the functionality of the circuits, machines or equipment. And, with that in mind, maintenance is carried out so that the electrical system returns to operating at excellence. 

Having said that, how long has it been since you carried out any type of inspection or maintenance on your electrical installations?

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